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Teeth Whitening

Over the years, our society has created many different types of whitening systems for our teeth from whitening strips, toothpaste, trays, counter gels, rinses, and professional whitening that can be provided by our dentists. While there are many over the counter products that can be purchased at your local pharmacy and there are many different at home remedies to achieve whiter teeth, the safest option that provides the best results is professional teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening that is done professionally comes with several different options and does not have to be used as often as a product bought at the store. Our trained dental staff here at Edison C. Louie DDS, Inc. can provide you with an unbelievably white smile that is safe, and not harsh on your teeth.

How Professional Whitening Works

Professional teeth whitening or professional bleaching provides patients with the fastest way to whiten teeth. With this method, the whitening product is applied directly to the teeth, and you can see dramatic results right after the treatment process is over. The products used in this process are typically used with a combination of heat, special light, or a laser.

While teeth whitening is not permanent, if you regularly get professional whitening treatments your teeth will keep its dramatic white appeal all year long. If your teeth are stained and are not already a bright white color, your teeth will respond best to a professional teeth whitening. The degree of whiteness that teeth will get varies from person to person because of the amount of exposure the teeth have had to food, beverages, and other things that can cause harsh staining. Although professional whitening is less cost-effective as other products and at home remedies, it is the best option to ensure you are not damaging your teeth.

The Costs of Professional Teeth Whitening

The cost of getting a professional in-office bleaching from our dentists varies in price. It can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to one thousand. As you can see, they are much more expensive than the average whitening toothpaste or strip that can cost around ten dollars. As for the health of our teeth, they are much safer and cause less irritation to our teeth, gums, and mouth in general. While most people do have dental insurance, it does not cover the costs of professional whitening because it is not considered a necessity.

Our offices often times carry professional whitening trays, which gives the same effect as an in-office bleaching, but is less expensive and you have to go home and do it yourself. The best way to decide which option is best for you is to decide the severity of stains on your teeth and what you can afford.

If your teeth are more stained than others, it can leave you feeling uncomfortable smiling and could potentially lower your self-confidence. For more information on our professional teeth whitening systems, please call Edison C. Louie DDS, Inc. at (714) 998-5710 to speak with one of our experienced staff members.


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