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Root Canal Therapy

When most dental patients hear the word root canal, they instantly feel fear. For many, the term root canal is a foreign one and not knowing what to expect can create a sense of panic or stress. Here at Edison C. Louie DDS, Inc., we specialize in root canal procedures. Our team can easily walk you through the process, so you feel better about your upcoming treatment. The procedure is quick and comfortable, helping to relieve your pain and save the natural tooth at the same time.

Why is a Root Canal Needed?

A root canal is recommended when a tooth has an infection deep inside. The pulp area located inside the tooth can become infected when an injury takes place, or if there is a cavity that is severe and has been left untreated. If you do not treat the tooth, the infection can become so severe that it will need to be removed. To avoid removing the infected tooth, a root canal needs to be scheduled as soon as possible.

What is a Root Canal?

With a root canal treatment, the patient is experiencing pain due to an inflamed root or infection. The procedure of a root canal will relieve the pain you are feeling and save the natural tooth. With the treatment, we will start the process by using a local anesthetic, so the area is numb. Once numbed, the tooth is isolated with a dental dam to keep the tooth dry and clean as the procedure is completed.

Small tools are then used to access the tooth on the inside. A small drill will create an opening near the top area of the tooth. A file is then used to remove the damaged pulp from inside the tooth. The inside of the tooth is also shaped using the file. Water is used to irrigate the area to wash away any pulp that might remain.

Along with water, the dentist may use a solution that will kill any bacteria that remains inside the tooth to help reduce any infection in the future. After the chamber of the tooth is clean and dry, it will be filled. Once filled, a temporary crown will be used to close off the tooth until a permanent crown can be added. The permanent crown is usually added a few short weeks after the procedure is completed.

Taking Care of Your Teeth After a Root Canal

After a root canal treatment, patients must take great care of their teeth. The tooth may need to be checked again in the future to make sure that the infection is gone. Cleanings will need to continue on a twice-yearly basis as well as exams to ensure overall oral health. The routine at home should include brushing teeth twice a day and flossing as well.

If your teeth are properly cared for, a root canal procedure can last the remainder of your life, allowing you to maintain your natural teeth. For more information about root canals or for any questions you may have, call the experienced professionals here at Edison C. Louie DDS, Inc. at (714) 998-5710 today!


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A root canal is a last-ditch effort to save a tooth from extraction. Do you need help? Contact Edison C. Louie DDS today. We would be happy to sit down with you, schedule an appointment today.
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