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Periodontal Dentistry

Regularly visiting Edison C. Louie DDS, Inc. allows you to get better control over your gum health. Our staff have experience, training, and education on how to keep your gums as healthy as possible, including the tissues attached to your gums. If you aren't sure why you may need the services of our office, then consider these procedures and how they may benefit your oral health.

The Chao Pinhole Technique

Most of us suffer from gum recession as we age. Not only can this be unsightly and add years to our appearance, but it also opens the door for root decay, root sensitivity, and erosion of the root surface which is very soft compared to the hard enamel of the tooth. Dr. John Chao invented this wonderful procedure which allows us to correct the gum recession with minimal discomfort which is in direct contrast to the “old, conventional” method. This innovative technique is known by its acronym, PST. There are no incisions, no sutures, and no grafts! The benefits are remarkable. Healing occurs very quickly; the appearance looks so much younger and healthier; the sensitivity is gone and the roots are no longer vulnerable to decay. It’s almost like turning back the clock of time!
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Periodontal Care

Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that causes damage to the soft tissue in the mouth, destroying the bone that is used to support your teeth. When you are diagnosed with periodontitis, you can experience loose teeth or loss. Here at Edison C. Louie DDS, Inc., we can help by providing quality periodontal care.
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Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin

By incorporating L-PRF (leukocyte-platelet rich fibrin) into our surgical procedures, we can enhance surgical results in our soft tissue and hard tissue regenerative procedures. We can be more successful growing bone for extraction sockets, ridge defects, and implant sites. Soft tissue regeneration includes periodontal (gum) loss from periodontal disease, root recession, or other sites of deficient soft tissue.
Discover more of the benefits of Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin.

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Regularly visiting a dentist allows you to better control over your gum health. Contact our Anaheim, CA staff today to schedule your appointment.
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