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Laser Dentistry

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I have been using lasers in dentistry since 2000. There are over 40 dental applications of the laser. Here are just a few. In 2003 I had the honor of presenting to an international laser gathering about the many applications of the laser in dentistry. Over the past 19 years there have been countless and amazing advances in its applications. In 2017, I lectured to the Los Angeles Dental Society on Lasers in Dentistry and the Application of L-PRF (leukocyte-platelet rich fibrin) in the augmenting the regenerative processes in bone and soft tissue surgeries.

Lasers are used in restorative dentistry in the place of the dental drill! It will actually remove old composite fillings and prepare the teeth without even contacting the surfaces. To make it even more amazing, this is usually done without discomfort or local anesthesia! Imagine that!

Lasers are also used to accelerate bleaching techniques. They can also be used to reduce snoring (Nightlase). This can prove beneficial for those sleep apnea patients who cannot adjust to the CPAP. Again, these procedures are painless and done without local anesthesia.

When the frenum attachment for the lip is too close to the gum tissue around the tooth compromising the gum health, laser frenectomies are done without sutures or dressings. This can also be performed for those that have restricted movement or freedom of the tongue (tongue tied). It is so rewarding to see the joy on the face of the patient who can finally move his tongue freely!

Lasers kill bacteria and viruses. They are used in the early stages of the hygiene (dental cleaning) appointment to reduce the bacteria count in the pockets to prevent the spread of bacteria as we treat throughout the mouth. They are also used in periodontal surgery to facilitate healing.

More About Laser Dentistry

While it may sound odd, lasers are often used to treat some dental issues. Laser dentistry is a popular form of treatment for tooth decay, gum disease, lesion removal, and teeth whitening. As technology continues to advance, laser treatments are becoming even more prevalent in the dentist office. Here at Edison C. Louie DDS, Inc., we provide laser dentistry to ensure our patients have the best care provided.

When Laser Dentistry is Provided

There are several conditions in which laser dentistry can be used. The most common include tooth decay and gum disease. When there is decay within a tooth, a laser can be used to remove the decay to prepare the tooth for a filling. Regarding gum disease, lasers can be used to reshape the gums. Lasers can also be used to remove bacteria as the dentist prepares the tooth for a root canal. The laser is a safer and better alternative to the traditional dental drill when it comes to these procedures.

Dentists also focus on ensuring the mouth is healthy by examining the tissue surrounding the gums. If oral cancer is suspected, a laser can be used during a biopsy procedure. The tool is used to remove a small piece of tissue for testing. Lasers can also be used to remove canker sore pain or lesions in the mouth.

On the cosmetic side, lasers can be used to whiten the teeth. An in-office whitening treatment can be sped up with a laser too. Once the peroxide bleaching solution is placed on the teeth, the laser can be used to activate the solution. This will speed up the process.

How do Dental Lasers Function?

All lasers in the dental industry work by using a form of light. When we use lasers for a dental procedure or surgical need, the laser will work in a cutting fashion or as a vaporizer. When the tool is used for teeth-whitening, the light of the laser is used as a heat source.

As technology continues to change, even more advancements are made involving lasers in dentistry. We stay on top of the latest developments to ensure we have the tools needed to provide you with a clean and healthy smile.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are many benefits to laser dentistry, especially when compared to the traditional method of using a dental drill. With a laser, the pain of treatments can be less so that there is a reduced need for anesthesia. A laser can reduce anxiety in patients as they are more comfortable with the dentist using the laser technology than a loud drill.

Bleeding and swelling are minimized during a treatment involving soft tissue, so the laser is better for controlling these aspects during a procedure. When a laser is used to remove decay in a cavity, the healthy tooth is also being preserved better than with a drill treatment.

Overall, laser dentistry is the most modern way to provide dental treatment. For more information about laser dentistry, call the experienced professionals here at Edison C. Louie DDS, Inc. at (714) 998-5710 today.


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