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Dentures—Complete, Partial, & Custom

Here at Edison C. Louie DDS, Inc., we are here to help you with your denture needs. People who have missing or decayed teeth may benefit from dentures. There are two types of dentures that are available, which are complete and partials.


When it comes to complete dentures, a person can get either immediate or conventional. With conventional, the gum tissue has to be completely healed before dentures can be placed into the mouth. Most people wait up to 12 weeks before they can wear dentures. On the other hand, a person can get away with immediate dentures because they can be worn right after the teeth are removed. The gum isn’t healed, so it may become a problem after a while because the dentures may start to lose the gums shape. When choosing between the two, it’s best to go with conventional because they are fitted correctly right after the gum tissue is healed.


Partial dentures are another type of denture to consider. They are removable and pink to depict the shade of actual gums. The partials are held together with a metal base. Partials are only used when some of the natural teeth are still intact and still in good overall health.

On the other hand, a bridge replaces teeth with crowns and cements the artificial teeth in place. The good thing about a bridge is that they don’t change the position of the other teeth. A more natural looking bridge is a precision partial.

How to Get Used to Wearing Dentures

In the beginning, denture wearers may be asked to wear their dentures 24-7, to see if they fit properly. Once a denture wearer feels comfortable, dentures need to be taken out at night and put back in, in the morning. This allows the gums to rest and saliva to clean the tongue.

How to Eat When Wearing Dentures

When wearing dentures, it may feel uncomfortable when it comes to eating. It will take a bit of practice to get used to them being in your mouth. It is best to eat soft foods cut up in small pieces in the beginning, and chew the food slowly. After a while, regular food can be eaten as long as it’s not hard, hot, or sticky.

Speaking With Dentures

It may feel strange when opening and closing the mouth when wearing dentures. Besides eating, a person needs to learn how to speak to them. It can be difficult at first, but to make it easier, denture wearers need to practice speaking out loud. Over time, it will become easier to speak with dentures in place. Denture wearers can face other issues, such as clicking when speaking. If that happens, contact us.

There will be occasions where denture wearers will need to sneeze or laugh, and the denture may slip out of place. If this happens, try swallowing or biting down gently to reposition them.

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